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Section E

Section E - Support Services
EB Safety Program
EBAB Hazardous and Toxic Substances
EBB-A Seat Belt Use
EBB-B Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention
EBBB Accident Reports
EBBC/JLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
EBBD Indoor Air Quality
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCE School Closings
ECA Building and Grounds Security
ECA-A Ground Security - Use of Off Highway Recreation Vehicles (OHRVs)
ECA-B Ground Security - Use of Skateboard/Roller Blades (In Line Skates)
ECAC Vandalism
ECAF Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
ECE Traffic and Parking Controls - Use of Motor Vehicles on School Property
ECF Energy Conservation
EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment
EEA Transportation - Riders
EEAA Video and Audio Recording and Surveillance on School Property
EEAA-R Permission for Video and Audio Recording for Instructional Purposes
EEAEA Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing - School Bus Drivers
EF Food Service Management
EFA Availability and Distribution of Healthy Foods
EFAA School Meal Charging Policy
EFC Free and Reduced-Price Lunch
EGAD Copyright Policy
EH Public Use of School Records
EHAB Data Governance and Security
EHB Data/Records Retention
EHB-R Local Records Retention Schedule
EIB Liability Insurance and Pooled Risk Management

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