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Section G

Section G - Personnel
GA Personnel Policies Goals
GBA Nondiscrimination or Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
GBD Board-Employee Communications
GBE Staff Rights and Responsibilities
GBEA Staff Ethics and Conflict of Interest
GBEA-A Fraud or Corruption
GBEB Staff Conduct
GBEB-A Staff Conduct - Arrest of an Employee
GBEBA Dress Code
GBEBB Staff Conduct with Students
GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace
GBED/KFA/JICG Tobacco Products Ban: Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds
GBEF Acceptable Use - Staff
GBF Staff Participation in Community Activities
GBG Staff Welfare/Protection
GBGA Staff Health
GBGD Temporary Alternative Duty Policy
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBJ Personnel Records and Files
GBJ-A I-9 Employment Verification Policy
GBJA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
GBK Staff Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
GCA-B Team Leader
GCAA Highly Qualified Teachers
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCBA-A Professional Staff Salary - Administrators
GCBA-B Professional Staff Salary Schedule
GCBB Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GCBD Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCC Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Policy
GCEB Recruiting of Administrative Staff
GCEB-A Administrative Staff Recruiting
GCEB-B Professional Staff Recruiting - Posting of Vacancies
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCF-A Professional Staff Employment
GCG Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
(Substitute Teachers)
GCG-A Professional Staff Arrangements for Substitutes
GCH Orientation of New Staff
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCNA Supervision of Instructional Staff
GCO Teacher Performance and Evaluations
GCQA Instructional Staff Reduction in Force (RIF)
GCQC Resignation of Instructional Staff Member
GCR Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members
GCS Internet Publishing Standards
GDA Classroom Assistant
GDB Employment of Non-Certified Personnel
GDBD Support Staff Retirement Benefits
GDCA Cumulative Sick Leave for School Secretaries
GDQ Termination of Non-Certified Personnel

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