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Congratulations to the following students and staff from the Derry Cooperative School District

on being recognized for the following accomplishments. We are proud of and thankful for all that you do!.


West Running Brook Middle School would like to lift-up Logan C., Sophie M., Richard W., Olivia Z., and Juliana O. This group of 8th grade students initiated, developed, and implemented a 25-minute presentation to all 6th grade students that centered on the attributes of leadership and how to be a part of contributing to a school culture that is emotionally safe. This work is directly tied to the disposition identified by the Derry Cooperative School District to contribute to the community. This work is also an example of students exercising power in a manner that contributes to the real-world rather than only the school-world. Kids rise to the occasion when they follow an interest and their passion.


Donna Michaud/Teacher (Grinnell Elementary School) - We would like to give a big shout out to Donna Michaud for being on her toes and giving a student the Heimlich during a lunch.


Linda Wells/Teacher (East Derry Memorial Elementary School) - Received the NH Down Syndrome Association Exceptional Educator Award.