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Title 1 and McKinney-Vento

Contact Information

Title I

Derry Cooperative School District Title I Project Manager (SAU 603-432-1210)

Cara J. Gray, Director of Federal Projects

Grinnell Elementary School Title I (school 603-432-1238)

Principal Mary Hill

Reading: Title I Reading Specialist Tracy Ouimette

Reading: Title I Reading Teacher Kara Mullaney

Math: Title I Math Teacher Kristen Diorio

South Range Elementary School Title I (school 603-432-1219)

Principal Matthew Olsen

Math: Title I Math Teacher - Charissa Woodrow

Ernest P. Barka Elementary School Title I (school 603-434-2430)

Principal Daniel LaFleur

Math: Title I Math Teachers Kristen Kitts and Kathy Bobay


Derry Cooperative School District Homeless Liaison (SAU 603-432-1210 or cell 234-8568)

Cynthia Thibeault

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