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Community Visioning

Thank you for participating in this exercise to establish the space needs for your school. We are beginning a Master Planning process to understand Facility and Educational Needs for the Derry Cooperative School District. We are pleased to partner with you in creating the best possible solution for your school. To do this, we need to understand the current issues you are faced with as they relate to space and facilities. We hope the following outline helps you as we take the first step into this process.

The goals of this survey are to understand the current spaces, how they are being used, and how they can be improved, if needed.

The Givens: The following issues should be considered “givens” that the long-range plan will address.

  • Accessibility and Compliance with the ADA: All schools will seek to become fully accessible to all students and faculty as part of any solution.

  • Air Quality and Comfort: All schools will seek to have adequate heating, ventilation, and selective cooling as required for a comfortable educational environment.

  • Safety and Security: All schools will address a safe arrival sequence, a secure perimeter, and a safe environment for students and faculty consistent with modern school planning and safety initiatives.

  • Lighting and Daylighting: All learning areas will be adequately lit with good daylighting appropriate for good learning environment.

Note: if you are familiar with and/or use multiple schools, you can fill out multiple surveys for each school.

Please respond to this questionnaire by Monday, December 6, 2021, 6:00pm.

Derry Cooperative School District Community Member Assessment and Planning Questionnaire

Thank you for your participation,

Lavallee Brensinger Architects