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Elementary Rezoning


On June 20, 2023, the Derry Cooperative School Board voted to close the Derry Village Elementary School effective June 30, 2024. The board came to this decision after receiving structural reports of the building that indicated extensive repairs were needed to the envelope of the building and the roof.  Combined with the restructuring of the 5th grade moving to West Running Brook, the Kindergarten through fourth grade students will be redistricted into the neighboring elementary buildings that are closest to their residence. Though other buildings have similar structural needs, Derry Village was chosen due to the centrality of its location making redistricting less impactful on the remaining schools.  Davis Demographics was hired to conduct the process of redistricting the Derry Village population into the remaining schools with no change to the current populations of those buildings.

The Process

Community Input

October 24 Proposal: Blue Map

Approved by the DCSD School Board October 24, 2024


Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions - Elementary Residency Zones