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Board Meetings (2019-2020)

Below is the 2019-2020 School Board meeting schedule to date. (Meetings are regularly scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held at West Running Brook Middle School’s Cafeteria and this year will begin at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted. When changes are made to a regularly scheduled meeting, they will be posted and announced at School Board meetings.)

*Notice Regarding Minutes

  • JULY 16* (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (19-20 Kindergarten Enrollment July 2019, Derry Cooperative School District Food Service 19-20 Prices, Honeywell Construction Period-Year 1 Projected Energy Savings Report Overview 7-16-19 Meeting, School Board NWEA Presentation 07-16-19)
  • AUGUST 20* (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (1_1 ChromeBooks School Board 8_20_19, 19-20 Enrollment Update, 2019 NH SAS Presentation, Final Report Derry Coop. School District Special Education Study August 20, 2019, PA 2019 Post Secondary Report)
  • SEPTEMBER 10 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (CDN summary 2018-19 Derry, Enrollment 19_20, Enrollment 092019, EPB Aug 26, 2019, PA August newsletter, SRS Newsletter 8-28-19, WRBMS August 30, 2019)
  • SEPTEMBER 24 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (2019 PA SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS, 2019-2020 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING SCHEDULE, 2019 PA ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT, 2020-2021 Budget Meeting Schedule, Enrollment Update, Fingerprint Flyer, Kindergarten Full Day School Board Presentation, WRBMS RUMOR SCHOOL SAFETY, WRBMS September 13)
  • OCTOBER 8 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (Basic Overview of Special Education Process, DCSD Cyber Safety and Bullying Information Night - October 17, 2019, Enrollment 2019-2020 Oct 2019, EPB October Newsletter End_68_Hours, EPB October Newsletter, EPB Parents_Night_Out, Financial Update as of 9.30.19, Grinnell September_newsletter_2019, Kindergarten Community Forum Flyer, SRS Newsletter, Town of Derry Annual Report 2019,WRB Friday Focus)
  • OCTOBER 22 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
  • NOVEMBER 5 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (11.05.19 - General Fund Financial Report, 2019-2020 Enrollment Update, EDMES Newsletter Attach, EDMES Newsletter Attachment, EDMES Newsletter, Grinnell Oct. 2019 newsletter, Pinkerton Academy count 10-25-19, School Funding & Property Taxes Derry November 5, 2019, SRS_Newsletter, Survey, WRBMS 9 October 25)
  • NOVEMBER 19 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (19-20 Blizzard Bag Letter to Parents, Enrollment 11 2019, EPB Nov. 1, 2019, EPB Paint Night Information, Finance General Fund 11.14.19, Food Service 11.14.19, Nov 14 Letter to PA Board of Trustees, WRBMS 11 November 8)
  • DECEMBER 10 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (2019-2020 Pinkerton Academy School Calendar (rev. 11.25.19), DAVIS DEMOGRAPHICS Summary Package of Information - Derry, DEMOGRAPHIC STUDY DERRY COOPERATIVE SCHOOL DISTRICT, Enrollment 2019-2020 Dec 1, Grinnell November_newsletter_19, PA Memo to Sending Town Superintendents FY 2020_21 Tuition, Press Release 2020 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY DATE, WRBMS November 22)
  • JANUARY 7 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (Enrollment 2019-2020 Jan 1, SRS 12-19-19 Newsletter, WRB December 20, 2019 Newsletter)
  • JANUARY 14 (agenda, minutes)
  • JANUARY 21 - PUBLIC HEARING @ 6:30 PM / REGULAR BOARD MEETING TO FOLLOW (agenda, minutes, public hearing minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (B. 2020 WARRANT, C. 2020 Candidate Filing Period, C. School Board Application, D. Medicaid 11_19_19 Comments on proposed rule(2) (1), D. Medicaid Rulemaking Notice, D. Medicaid to Schools 1_21_2020, D. Medicaid to Schools Final Letter to Districts 12-26-19, D. medicaid-to-schools, D. Order Document Medicaid to Schools, D. Title XV Education, G. 2019-2020 - GF Budget Update - 1.16.20, G. 2019-2020 Food Service Free-Reduced - 1.16.20, H. EPB January_8__2020, H. Judge Broderick's Middle School Visit, I. New Hampshire Municipal Bond Bank)
  • FEBRUARY 8 - DELIBERATIVE SESSION (nonpublic agenda, presentation, livestream video)
  • FEBRUARY 18 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (2019-nCoV Information for Schools_01-31-2020, Davis Demographics Ten Year Student Population Projections by Residence Report, DCSD 2020-2021 School Calendar, Enrollment 2019-2020 page 1 Feb 1, Enrollment 2019-2020 page 2 Feb 1, EPB February_Newsletter, GRINNELL Jan newsletter19-20, mts provider guidance sfy 2020-05, mts provider guidance sfy 2020-06, School Calendar 2020-2021 Staff Survey - Google Forms, SRS 1-29-2020 Newsletter, SurveyMonkey Parent_Guardian School Calendar 2020_21, Waterford Longitudinal Study, Waterford UPSTART Flyer, WRBMS 22 February 7)
  • MARCH 3 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments: (EDMES Newsletter, WRBMS 24 February 21, SRS Newsletter 2-20-2020, Kindergarten Registration_Pre-Registration March Comparison)
  • MARCH 14 - EMERGENCY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING 4:00PM (agenda, minutes)
  • MARCH 24 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (A. SCHOOL ELECTION RESULTS 2020, B. FY 2020 Adult Education Grant Application, C. Smoothie Grant, D. Family Letter Remote Learning Plan DCSD March 18, 2020, D. Remote Learning Plan March 2020)
  • APRIL 1 (agenda, livestream video)
    • attachments (policy IKA, Surplus Medical Supplies 3-20)
  • APRIL 14 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (#8 Trimester 3 Grading, A. School Board Meeting Minutes March 24 2020, C. AC_GBA, C. GCCBC, D. Remote Learning Survey Results, E. 2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration Update, F. Covid_Pandemic Costs, F. Food Service April 2020, F. General Fund Update April 2020, G. Enrollment 2019-2020 page 1 April 1, G. Enrollment 2019-2020 page 2 April 1)
  • MAY 12 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (B. Next Charter School Expansion Proposal 5.12.2020, D. Policy ACA, D. Policy JG, E. 2020-2021 Kindergarten Enrollment Update, F. Fiscal Advisory Committee Public Notice, F. Fiscal Advisory Committee Application, G. Enrollment 19_20 page two May 1, G. Enrollment 2019-2020 page 1 May 1)
  • May 14 (agenda) - School Board workshop, remote meeting
  • MAY 26 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (C. a) Policy IKB, Homework, C. b) Policy DKC, Expense and Travel Reimbursement, C. c) Policy ACA, Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, C. d) Policy JG, Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels, E. 2020-2021 Enrollment Update, F. ESY Parent Letter Remote Learning)
  • JUNE 2 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (5. a) Policy IKB, Homework, 5. b) Policy DKC, Expense and Travel Reimbursement, 5. c) Policy EBCF, Pandemic_Epidemic Emergencies, 6. 2020-2021 Enrollment Update, 9. Summer School Board Meeting Schedule)
  • JUNE 16 (agenda, minutes, livestream video)
    • attachments (C. New Hampshire Audubon Grant, D. Derry Early Education Program June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. Derry Village June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. East Derry Memorial June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. Ernest P. Barka June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. Gilbert H. Hood Middle School Remote Learning Survey - Google Forms, D. Grinnell June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. South Range June Derry Remote Learning Feedback - Google Forms, D. West Running Brook Middle School Remote Learning Survey - Google Forms, E. 2020 Summer Learning Plan, F. Enrollment 2019-2020 page 1 June 1, F. Enrollment 2019-2020 page 2)

Meetings are held at West Running Brook Middle School’s Cafeteria at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

* Meetings during the summer will be held at West Running Brook Middle School in the Library.

2018-2019 Board meeting schedule/agendas/minutes/videos