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Section I - Instruction

IC: School Year / School Calendar

IF: Instructional Programs

IFA: Instructional Needs of Students with Different Talents

IGE: Exceptions to Use of Specific Course Materials

IHAH: World Language Program

IHAK: Character and Citizenship Education

IHAM: Health Education and Exemption from Instruction

IHAM-R: Health and Sex Education Exemption: Opt-Out Form

IHBA: Programs for Pupils with Disabilities

IHBAA: Determination of Eligibility of Specific Learning Disability

IHBAA-R: Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Process

IHBB: Gifted and Talented Education (Students with different talents)

IHBBA: Limited English Proficiency Instruction

IHBF: Homebound Instruction

IHBG: Home Education Instruction

IHCA: Summer Activities

IJ: Instructional Materials - Community Resources

IJB: Class Size

IJK: Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption, Movies, Video Tapes/Disks

IJKA-IJND (policy, exhibit): Software Installation

IJL: Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IJNDB: Digital Literacy and Technology Integration

IJO/KA: School, Community, and Home Relations

IJOA: Field Trips

IJOC: School Volunteers

IJOC-R: Important Regulations for Volunteers

IK: Earning of Credit

IKA: Grading System

IKAB: Student Progress Report

IKB: Homework

IKE: Retention

IKG: Awards and Scholarships

IL: Evaluation of Instructional Programs

ILBA: Assessment of Educational Programs

ILDA: Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research

IMAB: Teachers Teaching Their Own Children

IMAH: Daily Physical Activity

IMBA: Distance Education & Remote Learning

IMDA: Pledge of Allegiance

IMDB: Flag Displays

IMG: Animals in School

IMGA: Service Animals