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Superintendent Search Committee

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Derry School Board hired the NH School Boards Association to facilitate the superintendent search. We will be working with P. Alan Pardy of The Bryan Group.

Per the guidance, the Superintendent Search Committee has 12 members. The SAU office submitted seven names and one name was pulled out of a hat. The school-based administrators worked as a group and named the school administrators and parents. The respective unions were asked to name teachers and teaching assistants. The school board chair and vice chair chose the School Board representatives in discussion with individual members. We chose three members because we assign three members on all major committees.

The 12 members are:

2 Teachers: Meg Morse-Barry, GHHMS; Kelly Carey, DVS

2 Teaching Assistants: Cheryl Morin, EDMES; Kate Gleason, Grinnell and EPB

3 School Board Members: Erika Cohen, Brenda Willis, Jessica Ring

2 School-Based Administrators: Chris McCallum, DVS; Kim Carpentino, GHHMS

2 Parents: Amity Ziegler, WRBMS; Michele Battaglia, EDMES

1 SAU Employee: Jerold White, Assistant Director of Student Services

During the process, there will also be a chance for public input. Committee meetings are open to the public, but like all committee meetings, the public cannot comment.


Community Survey for the Superintendent Search Committee (now closed)